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Keeping a pet is a commitment; therefore, you want a vet who is as committed to providing the best for your pet as you are. Consult with our vets today!

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Vet Minneapolis, MN, is Committed to You and Your Pet

Pets make fun and loving companions; however, they can be a huge responsibility, too. They need to be provided with their basic needs, which alone requires a lot of work and money. Despite all these, having a pet by your side is extremely rewarding at the end of the day. Even though we cannot consistently give them the attention and love they need, they give us ours unconditionally. Like you, we understand how much of a commitment pets are. So if you need help from professional vet care providers who are willing to give you and your pet their time and services, get in touch with Vet Minneapolis.

Vet Minneapolis MN

Why Choose Us

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Our services are available round-the-clock for your pet’s urgent medical needs.

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Our team of veterinary care providers are board-licensed and Fear-free certified.

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Advanced Tools
and Techniques

To provide your pet better care and ensure accurate diagnosis, our facilities are equipped with advanced medical tools and technology.

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Years of

Our professionals have an extensive background on veterinary care and medicine.

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We provide specialized treatments for pets with unique conditions and needs.

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We keep our facilities clean and tools sterilized to keep you and your pet safe and comfortable.

Our Clients Say

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“We’ve moved a couple of times and met many vets but we really believe that the vets here are the best. There is nothing we can think of that they need to improve on more. They already are perfect.”

Vangie L.

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“Our dog, River, had to be admitted once. Our kids were very worried but they always kept us updated on River’s condition. I think we got at least 3 calls from them, just in the morning, to tell us how River was doing.”

Robert M.

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“I adopted a kitten recently. I named her Essie and took it to the vet for a regular check up. I was very impressed with how they treated Essie. I mostly appreciate the instructions they provided me. It’s my first time caring for a cat so I really needed their expertise.”

Malia D.

For a more extensive list of human foods you can and cannot feed your pets, please contact Vet Minneapolis, MN.