Vet Minneapolis MN

Frequently Asked Questions


What is considered an emergency for a dog?

If your dog is severely bleeding, unable to stand, suffering from persistent vomiting, or vomiting with blood, take your dog to the vet immediately. Please see our Emergency page to learn more about situations that warrant an urgent trip to the vet.

What do you do if your pet has an emergency?

In case of an emergency, the most important thing you have to do is stay calm and call your vet or an emergency vet hospital. The vet will provide you instructions on applying first aid measures until professional help arrives. If you need emergency vet services or assistance transporting your pet safely to an animal clinic or hospital, please contact us at (612)-552-3962.

What papers do you need to take your dog to the vet?

For your pet's first checkup, we need your pet's veterinary medical records, paperwork from where you got your pet, and its medications, if it is taking any. The emergency vet will also need the same, so you must have these readily available in your pet's emergency bag or kit. If your pet's emergency is due to accidental ingestion of toxic substances, such as pesticides, please bring the container with you. The manufacturer's analysis may provide information on an antidote.

What do vets do if you don't have money?

At Vet Minneapolis, MN, we request payments be made to render our services. Payments can be made in cash or major credit cards. Many of our services are also covered by pet insurance. In case of an emergency and your pet needs additional diagnostic procedures, treatments, or surgery, we will provide you with estimates. You can request one, too, if you have not been provided with any. Your vet or vet technician will discuss with you our financing options.

What happens when a dog stays overnight at the vet?

Your dog may need to stay at the vet overnight for further observation or surgery. If this is the case, you will have to fill in admission forms and discuss any special feeding instructions or medications with your vet care provider. When admitted, our veterinary team will be monitoring your dog's condition, administering its medications, and performing the necessary medical procedures or interventions. You can also bring your pet's bed, favorite toys, blankets, or treats. These will help make your pet feel more at ease and comfortable.