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Various types of microorganisms can cause infection in your cat’s body. Learn more about the proper medications to treat infections.

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Meds for Pets Minneapolis, MN Antibiotics for Cats or Kittens

Microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa, can cause infection in your cat’s or kitten’s body. Since these microorganisms are everywhere, antibiotics are one of the most common medications available at Meds for Pets Minneapolis, MN.

Diagnosing an infection requires a trip to the vet for specific tests. After diagnosing the infection and determining the culprit, your veterinarian will decide which antibiotic medications will be used to treat your cat. The antibiotic treatment for your cat will depend on how the drug works in your pet’s body. There can be side effects that you should look out for, and your veterinarian will discuss that.

Meds For Pets Minneapolis MN

Bacterial Infections

Bacterias can attack your pet’s body through something your cat ingests, open wounds, or by being present in the environment. They come in various sizes and shapes. The physical characteristics will help your vet identify which bacteria has infected your cat. They cause pneumonia, skin infections, gastroenteritis, urinary tract problems, and other diseases. In addition, the bacteria can multiply if not treated immediately with antibiotics.

How Pet Medication MN for Bacterial Infections Work

Anti-bacterial antibiotics aim to destroy the bad cells in your cat without causing damage to the healthy cells. Depending on the pet medication MN, an antibiotic may prevent the bacteria from establishing cell walls by inhibiting reproduction. It may also prevent the bacteria from transforming glucose into energy, which will cause starvation to the bacteria.

Viral Infections

Feline herpes, feline calicivirus, and other more diseases that can make your cat sick are caused by viruses. Viruses can multiply only inside the living cells of other organisms as they are so small.

How Antivirals Work

Although antiviral medication cannot kill the virus, it prevents the virus from growing and reproducing, letting the virus die independently. Veterinarians do not usually use antiviral drugs to treat viral infections. They opt to treat all the possible secondary bacterial infections that may occur to decrease your cat’s discomfort while the virus leaves the system.

Fungal Infections

Fungi live by ingesting the building materials of your cat’s cells, destroying growth tissue, and feeding on the waste materials of dying cells. Fungus cause ringworm, skin or ear yeast infections, and more severe and deadly blastomycosis in your cat.

How Meds for Pets Minneapolis Antifungals Work

Most of the antifungal antibiotics for cats work to destroy the cell walls of fungi, causing the parasite to die and the surrounding tissue to restore.

Protozoan Infections

Several different species of protozoan parasites can infect your cat. These organisms affect various body systems, including the central nervous system and gastrointestinal tract. They feed on the nutrients in your cat’s body through the food produced in its digestive system. They are covered in hair-like structures and constantly move around your pet’s cellular structures to reproduce by consuming as much food as possible.

How Anti-protozoan Work

Many anti-protozoan antibiotics for cats work to kill the parasite in your pet’s body by destroying its DNA and preventing cell growth and reproduction. This kills the protozoa and treats the infection.

Your veterinarian will give you the proper antibiotic medications after determining which organism causes your cat to be sick. So, it is crucial to take your pet to the vet if he is not feeling well or something is wrong. Medications should only be prescribed by your vet to avoid drug poisoning and ensure that you give the proper pet medication and its correct dosage for your cat.

If you are looking for a safe and effective medicine for pets in MN, contact Meds for Pets Minneapolis, MN.